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Tutorials - Lara Berch Designs
  • Lara Berch


Amazing Brown Paper Flooring

I love decorative polished concrete, but the process is involved and expensive and that’s when I stumbled on these amazing brown paper flooring ideas.┬áThe look resembles polished concrete, but under a fraction of a cost. It can be applied onto other mediums as well, not just floors. Also, I’m wondering what the result would be […]

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Wall Tiles

In this tutorial we will look at wall tiles similar to the one shown below: Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the colors that I use or the mounting material. I usually use gator foam, but you can use anything you find around the house like wood or plastic. Just make sure […]

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Restoring An Antique Desk

In this tutorial we are going to be restoring an antique desk. We will learn how to turn an old beat up desk into something more appealing. Things you will need: 1. Sand paper 2. Sander (optional) 3. Stain 4. Polyurethane 5. Stripping Gel 6. Liquid wood (if needed) 7. Wood Epoxy (if needed) I […]

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Mosaic Pebble Steps

In this tutorial we will create mosaic pebble steps. We will turn an ugly concrete step onto something a bit more decorative . Things you will need: 1. Tile Glue 2. Spackle Knife 3. Grout 4. Pebbles. This step the basement is plain ugly. Because I was going to redo the basement floor, I wanted […]

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Creative Bathroom Vanities Ideas

One of the creative bathroom vanities ideas is to tile the vanity counter and and then apply a few decorative techniques to the cabinet doors to make your bathroom stand out from the rest. In this tutorial we will learn how to tile a vanity and transform the cabinet doors. If this looks like it […]

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Transferring Images With Gels

In this tutorial we are going to be transferring images into fabric using gel mediums. You can see the use of this method on my collage tutorial here. Things you will need: 1. Golden medium heavy gel 2. Some type of fabric 3. An image to be transferred 4. Roller For this particular tutorial I […]

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Old Vintage Paper

In this tutorial we will learn how to make old vintage paper. There are a lot of methods to do this, but I prefer coffee. I like the color (as you can see by now, I like earth tones – the brighter the better). Things you will need: 1. Cheap instant coffee 3. Gloves (if […]

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Mixed Media Collage

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a mixed media collage. Things we will need: 1. Acrylic paints (or other paints of your choice). 2. Some brushes. 3. Golden Gel Mediums (you don’t have to use this particular brand, but I find it to be better than other mediums on the market). 4. […]

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Distressing a Picture Frame

In this tutorial we will be distressing a picture frame. If you’re into shabby chic, then this project will be perfect for you. For those of you that are not familiar with this style, shabby chic look basically involves taking new objects and giving them an old worn out look that you would see in […]

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