Mosaic Pebble Steps

In this tutorial we will create mosaic pebble steps. We will turn an ugly concrete step onto something a bit more decorative .

Things you will need:
1. Tile Glue
2. Spackle Knife
3. Grout
4. Pebbles.

This step the basement is plain ugly. Because I was going to redo the basement floor, I wanted to fix the step first. The builder installed the french drain into the step but never covered the drain up cosmetically. I considered covering the drain or tiling, but tiling would involve too much work because the concrete on the step is warped, chipped and uneven. Straightening that out would be a major pain in the neck. I needed something appealing, yet something that wouldn’t require straightening. So I thought of pebbles. When I priced pebble tiles, it was a bit too much. After all it’s just a basement. Besides, pebble tiles are still square tiles and cutting would be required. I didn’t want to deal with that so I went to a dollar store and purchased 16 bags of various size pebbles. Then I went to home depot and purchased some tile adhesive and some red grout. (I got done with this project a while ago, but the grout is yet to be put on.)


I laid out the the pebbles by size and color and tried to create some sort of pattern. I tried to use the flatter pieces but considering the fact that we barely use that door, it didn’t really matter. I drew the pattern on the floor, laid out the pebbles to get some ideas…


With your spackle knife apply the glue generously. Don’t cover a large area because laying out pebbles stone by stone takes a while. You don’t want the glue to dry by the time you’re finished. Go over the glue with a special grooved trowel (see my bathroom sink tutorial). Now start laying out the pebbles. Push them into the glue so that the glue surround the pebble half way up.

Pebble Steps

Keep going.

Pebble Tiling

And going:-)

Mosaic Pebbles

And you’re done. I let it dry for a long time (few weeks) because of close proximity to the water in the french drain. I have yet to apply grout but that’s easy and you should already be familiar with grout if you have read my bathroom sink tutorial. It is very important that you do not forget to seal the grout. And PLEASE use an environmentally safe sealer.

Pebble Steps Done

Hope you have fun with this. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, leave a comment.


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  • Kay Graham November 30, 2013   Reply →

    This tutorial is totally awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Would you be able to use this on outside steps??? Thanks so much & I look forward to your reply!! Smiles, Kay

    • Lara Berch December 1, 2013   Reply →

      Thanks Kay!
      I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use it outside. I would use slightly different adhesive and grout that is made specifically for outdoors. The only concern I would have is that the pebbles may get slippery when wet but on the other hand, we walk over pebbles in their natural environment and its not that slippery. If you end up doing it, send me the pictures of the process and I will put it up on the website!

  • Stacy Self September 23, 2015   Reply →

    Have you grouted the pebble steps yet? I have been looking online for any information on grouting pebbles. With the size and height differences I’m a little stumped on the best delivery of grout. I don’t want to cover a lot of the rock.

  • Stacy Self September 23, 2015   Reply →

    I have photos to attach to previous email. If you have any ideas, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    • Lara Berch September 24, 2015   Reply →

      I haven’s done the steps to the end because the house was sold before I could finish it. Basically, there is no way to avoid covering the rock but it’s easy to get the grout off the rock as opposed to getting it off a porous material like stone tile. Use a rubber float or a rubber trout to spread the grout. Let it dry a little and then wipe it off the rocks before it gets too dry. Even if it does get too dry, you can get it off the rocks with the back side of the dishwashing sponge (the rough side). It’s not imperative for the grout to look perfect since various shapes of the pebbles are not conducive of perfect even grout. Don’t forget to seal the grout a few times! Post a picture when you’re done!

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