Creative Bathroom Vanities Ideas

One of the creative bathroom vanities ideas is to tile the vanity counter and and then apply a few decorative techniques to the cabinet doors to make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

Creative Bathroom Vanity

In this tutorial we will learn how to tile a vanity and transform the cabinet doors. If this looks like it might be more than you feel comfortable doing or if you find yourself inspired to do a larger remodel, contact an experienced contractor like Southern Home Services. For this particular project, here are the things we will need:

1. Tile of your choice.
2. Tile adhesive.
3. Grout
4. Box cutter or a knife
5. Spackle knife
6. Trowel

Let’s turn this cheap looking unattractive vanity into something more appealing.

Creative Bathroom Vanity 1

Let’s start by drawing a line around the sink and then taking the sink out. Don’t forget to shut off the water.


Take you tile and arrange it around the sink hole making sure you are going over the line that we drew earlier.


I picked marble mosaic because it is easier to position around the hole without cutting. To be honest, I’m just too lazy to cut the regular tile. Take your layout and place it on the floor exactly as you had it on the sink.

Tiling the sink

Score the vanity top with a box cutter or a knife. The reason we do this is so that the glue will have something to grab onto. I sanded it a little too with very course sand paper.

Vanity top tiling

By now your bathroom should be a complete mess 🙂

Bathroom Work

Apply the glue like shown below and lay down the pieces. Press them firmly into place.

Vanity Tiling

Continue doing the whole vanity. For the sides where the regular tile won’t fit, I bought strips of similar tile at home depot, cut them up and arranged them into places.

sink tiles

Let it dry for 24 hours (I waited 3 days) and grout it. I couldn’t really snap pictures of the grouting process because it is messy :-). You basically mix the grout with water to a consistency of peanut butter and apply it to all the gaps and crevices making sure the grout in to every gap. Wipe it with slightly damp sponge and wait a few hours. Then wipe it again in order to get the haze off the tile. In some spots I had to scrape the grout off. Wait a few days and then seal the grout with an environmentally safe grout and tile sealer. Put the sink back on. I also bought a new faucet. Seal the gap between the tile and the sink with specially made grout sealer. It is different from the grout sealer that you used to seal the grout. This looks more like caulk and you can find it in the tile section of home depot.

Tiled Ideas

Now let’s move on to the doors. Take them off and paint it in the color of your choice. Mine are orange.

Painting Doors

Now, what I did was apply a cracking technique to the edges of the door. A quick tip for crackling technique: don’t spend the money on those crackling kits. Buy regular clear glue for crafts. Apply the glue with a brush to a dry painted surface. In my case I am applying it onto the orange. The thinner the glue – the smaller the cracks. The thicker – the wider. Don’t wait for the glue to dry, and apply a coat of paint on top. Try not to go over the same spot twice. Grab a hair dryer and dry the patch. You will see cracks appear right away. Experiment with it. You’ll get it right after a couple of times. The idea of crackling is that the coat of media underneath dries slower than the coat on top thereby creating cracks in the top coat.

Crackling Technique

Now what I did was take regular wall paper glue (clear one) and apply it to the surface. Then I took wrapping tissue paper that they wrap dishes in when you buy something in Home Goods for example :-)) I crumbled the tissue paper and layed it over the glue and rolled it with a roller. Don’t be stingy with the glue. Continue doing that in a random fashion layering paper on top of another. Don’t forget the glue. Slap in right on top of the paper that has already been glued. Overlap pieces.

Decorative Ideas

Wait until everything dries. I used the hear dryer again. I hate waiting. Now, I applied a coat of water based sealer (craft store). Dry it. Then I took regular water based wood stain which I found in the garage. The color was a little bright but I decided to use it anyway. After dishing out $150 for the new faucet and $ 70 on tile, I didn’t want to spend anymore money so everything came from what I could find in the garage. Anyway, take a sponge and apply the stain right to the tissue paper. Not to much not too little. Play with it. See what looks good to you. Seal the whole door with mod pudge (craft store) or another sealer of your choice. One of the things that I found in the garage was 4 old metal handles and 2 appliques. I painted the handles dark cooper and put it onto the doors long with the appliques. Seal everything again with mod pudge.


Decorative Ideas

That’s pretty much it. I did another bathroom as well using the same techniques but different colors and different tiles like so:

Creative Bathroom Vanity


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  • Jane September 1, 2014   Reply →

    So you said you don’t like to have to cut the tile. For the pieces that extend over the hole for the sink, what do you do about those? How do you put your sink back in over the edges of the tile? (Sorry to be so ignorant but I’d love to do this and have never done tile work before) Also about the sides..why wouldn’t regular tile fit there?

    • Lara Berch September 2, 2014   Reply →

      Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by! I don’t like to cut tile because it gets messy and more time consuming so I use little square tiles because they are more maneuverable. My sink was smaller than the hole by an inch or so and it was wider on the top than underneath. The edges of the tile did not get in the way in my case as long as the edge of the sink was resting on solid countertop and not the edge of the tiles. I realize some sinks might be flush with the hole and in that case you would have to cut the tile around the edge of the hole. What I did was to measure everything first and see if there is any leeway between the sink and the hole and from there make a decision on what tile size to use. It really depends on the type of sink/hole relationship if that makes any sense.
      I would love to see pictures of what you make! You can post them right here in the comments section!

  • Christian B August 12, 2016   Reply →

    can I use one of your images and share the source? thank you!

    • Lara Berch August 13, 2016   Reply →

      Yes of course with proper source!

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