Amazing Brown Paper Flooring

I love decorative polished concrete, but the process is involved and expensive and that’s when I stumbled on these amazing brown paper flooring ideas. The look resembles polished concrete, but under a fraction of a cost. It can be applied onto other mediums as well, not just floors.

Brown Paper Flooring No Stain

Brown Paper Flooring Stained

Also, I’m wondering what the result would be if instead of using small pieces of brown paper, the size can be increased to achieve the look of large polished stones. I will definitely give this a try with some variation and post a tutorial, but until I do, head over to Lovely Crafty Home for detailed instructions. It’s a really well written, well illustrated tutorial with lots of other pictures.


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  • Pamela Peery December 1, 2016   Reply →

    The floor is a little dark for my taste, but I love the … what do you call it…. the wood/wire display thing at the bottom of the stairs.

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