Old Vintage Paper

In this tutorial we will learn how to make old vintage paper. There are a lot of methods to do this, but I prefer coffee. I like the color (as you can see by now, I like earth tones – the brighter the better). Things you will need:

1. Cheap instant coffee
3. Gloves (if you are allergic to coffee)
4. An image (I’m using plain paper)

Pour water into the tray. Warm water dissolves the coffee faster, but cold is ok too. Add coffee. The amount depends on how drastic do you want the final result to look. I usually like to put as much as possible for a strong effect. Mix it up.


You can see that there is still some coffee that didn’t dissolve in the lower right corner. Don’t worry about it. We don’t want a uniform look.
A WORD OF CAUTION: first time I did it, I mixed everything with my hands. The mixture was so strong that it probably got absorbed into my pores and needless to say I felt like crap afterwards. My heart was racing, i was shaking a little, so you might want to use a spoon or gloves when mixing this stuff.

Place the paper into the water. Let it get wet completely. Keep it in the water until you have reached your desired color. What I did was wrinkle it like so:


Then I took some more coffee and sprinkled it all over the paper.

Old Vintage Paper

The grains will start to dissolve, leaving black spots. The less you let it sit, the darker the spots and vise versa. Pour the water out. Here you can stop or continue further. With the back of a spoon I created folds by going over the paper.


Then I sprinkled more coffee on it.

old paper

Then I placed it on a paper towel and rolled over the spots with the back of a spoon.

Old Vintage Paper

Now, if you want to add some more wrinkles, just crumble some areas like so:

Old Antique Paper

Let it dry and you have your old vintage paper. I have used this paper when making a collages which you can see here and here.

Old Paper

I would love to see your results! Send them to me and I will post them on the site.


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