I am an artist with a passion for the retro, vintage and antique styles. I am drawn to time worn objects from bygone eras, photographs, letters, books, etc. They are like fragments cut out of the context of their time, pieces that long ago lost their owners but still carry their legacy.

Years ago I acquired some ancient coins. Holding them in my hands was exhilarating – a coin that once was a medium of exchange, now became a metaphorical crack through time. Here it was, in the palm of my hand, a direct link through space and time to someone from 900 years ago. I cherish that kind of connection and I think these old relics show life from an uninterrupted flow where past generations and events are not fragmented and forgotten. Instead, they allow us the chance to see ourselves as integral part of the vastness and continuity of life. Through my collages, art and photographs, I want to emphasize our ties to the past and keep this connection alive and pulsating.

Most of my work is in the weathered, antique and grungy style which I apply to various mediums such as canvas, wood, ceramics as well as use it in application to graphic design and print work. If you have a project you would like to talk about, please contact me below or email to lara berch designs at gmail.

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